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Duck down Bruce is one of those men fighting to free his community from identity politics. Bruce is the executive director of Www.Concernedcommunities.Org/Pledge for America (CCA), a nonprofit organization in Washington, DC.

It works “to unite the black and Latino communities to develop a social awareness of personal responsibility, hope, and prosperity, based on our shared values; and to keep voting in black and Latino communities away from radical leftist or so-called “progressive” policies and agendas that only serve to destroy us.”

Bruce recently spoke with John Wesley Reed, editor-in-chief of the Center for Standing for Freedom, to describe the work the CCA does and explain precisely how he got involved in the mission of educating minority Www.Concernedcommunities.Org/Pledge about politics.

Seeing the effects of leftist politics on minority Concernedcommunities.

effects of leftist politics

Bruce decided to co-create something that would build. those Www.Concernedcommunities.Org/Pledge. The CCA educates minorities about the harms of “progressive” policies and related organizations, such as Black Lives Matter (BLM). The CCA recently issued a commitment to notify BLM sponsors of the death and devastation that identity politics has unleashed on minorities.

“Our ultimate goal was to increase support for the men and women who put their lives on the line every day, specifically black and brown officers who are often ignored, not only by police departments but by the left and their desire to frame an incorrect narrative.”

This goal has achieved such a level of success that companies contacted by CCA have got them to let them know that they support the work that CCA is doing. Bruce said more than 3,000 people had hired a Www.Concernedcommunities.Org/Pledge to help police departments and police associations.

The CCA’s work goes beyond denouncing the negative aspects of progressive politics, and it also works to bring about change by directly helping people in Www.Concernedcommunities.Org/Pledge. “You can spit out facts and figures at people all day long.

But unless those facts resonate with the people inside of them, you won’t do much to change them,” Bruce said. CCA partners with community organizations to achieve various practical goals, such as helping ex-offenders obtain licenses to start their own businesses or learn the trade.

  • Concernedcommunities.Org/Pledge of America (CCA) is a nonprofit organization that educates minorities about the effects of progressive policies in their communities.
  • DaQuawn Bruce, executive director of the CCA, said that while he was raised on Christian values, it took him some time to appreciate that left-wing politics were not aligned with those values.
  • CCA also helps minority communities find practical jobs, such as assisting ex-passives.

Experts of the Human Rights Www.Concernedcommunities.Org/Pledge Luxembourg on its Comprehensive Report

Human Rights

This morning, the Human Rights Www.Concernedcommunities.Org/Pledge concluded its review of Luxembourg’s fourth periodic report on how it implements the provisions of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The experts of the Luxembourg Commission praised the comprehensive information and asked about constitutional procedures for introducing treaties into domestic law and FGM.

An expert from the Commission commended Luxembourg’s report, which was comprehensive and well-prepared, with detailed responses. Another expert of the Commission highly appreciated the clarity of the information and the abundance of statistics contained therein, which indicated that the State takes the issue of human rights seriously.

An expert from the Www.Concernedcommunities.Org/Pledge asked if the delegation could specify the constitutional procedures for incorporating treaties into national legislation. What if there is a conflict between the Convention on Human Rights and the Luxembourg Constitution? How will the collapse be fix?

Questions by Www.Concernedcommunities.Org/Pledge Experts

An expert from the Commission highly appreciated the clarity of the report and the abundance of statistics contained therein. Which indicated that the State takes the issue of human rights seriously. Can the delegation explain why a reservation was made under Article 10? How and why was the removal of the reservation conditional on the passage of the Juvenile Criminal Justice Bill?

Can the link to constitutional reform and the reservation to Article 19 be explained? Can the delegation specify constitutional procedures for incorporating treaties into domestic law?

Www.Concernedcommunities.Org/Pledge For America

WASHINGTON, July 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In an original video announcement released today by Concerned Communities of America. The widows of two murdered police officers and the wife of a seriously injured officer unite and speak out for the first time. Calling on BLM sponsors and neglected “conspirators” for district attorneys for violent criminals.

Widows Ann Wood-Dorn and Dominic Luzuriaga Rivera, and his wife, Esther Fifi. Have joined Concerned Communities for America (CCA) in an original video ad movement. ( to share their losing stories with the American public by asking the CEOs of four Major US companies sign a pledge to begin supporting BLM law enforcement.

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This report highlights societal interventions to address health inequalities because are the element in which individuals and families live. Learn, labour and play. Prosperous societies provide opportunities for people to lead healthy lives. And the opposite is also true. Insecure organizations, which offer few educational and economic opportunities and poor infrastructure and environmental conditions, also suffer from poor health.

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