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Content Requirements

We accept unique articles on health, fitness, and nourishment. And also, the content should cover at least 600+ words.

Content Quality

Articles must be 100% original and unique. The content must not have been publishing elsewhere before being submitted to our blogs. We accept no accountability for copyright or property breach by contributors.

Content Rejected

No content containing of pornography, child abuse, drugs, casinos, illegal activity, discrimination of any group, violence, hate speech, etc., will not be tolerated—no messages promoting gambling, pornography, pharmaceuticals like Viagra, etc.

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Business Write For Us

Business Write For Us

It is making a living or making money by producing or buying and selling products (such as goods and services). In short, it is “an activity or business that conducted for a profit.”

The term “enterprise” means an entrepreneurial organization or a legal entity engaged in commercial, industrial or professional activities. The purpose of the enterprise is the organization of all economic production (goods or services). Businesses can be for-profit or non-profit organizations that carry out a charitable mission or advance a public cause. Businesses vary in size and scope, from sole proprietorships to large worldwide corporations.

The business also raises the struggles and activities undertaken by individuals to crop and sell goods and services for profit.

Types of Businesses

There are many methods to organize a business, and there are different legal and tax structures to match. Among other things, businesses are generally categorized and generally structured as follows:

  • Private contractors
  • Associations
  • Companies
  • Limited liability companies (LLC)

Entertainment Write For Us

Entertainment Write For Us

Entertainment is any activity that engages the care and interest of an audience or provides pleasure and enjoyment. It might be an idea or a task, but it’s more likely to be one of the activities or events designed over the millennia specifically to hold the public’s attention.

Although people’s attention is focused on different things because people have other preferences, most forms of entertainment are recognizable and familiar. Storytelling, music, drama, dance, and various performances exist in all cultures, were supported by royal courts, and developed into complex forms that eventually became accessible to all citizens. In modern times, this process has been accelerated by the entertainment industry, which records and sells entertainment products. Entertainment is evolving and can expand to any scale: from individual choice of private entertainment from a wide variety of pre-recorded products; to a banquet for two; at a party of any size and type, with appropriate music and dancing, performances designed for thousands of people; and even for a global audience.

Gold – Diamond Write For Us

Gold - Diamond Write For Us

As each is a popular investment commodity and natural resource, gold and diamond are often analytically compared by potential investors.

Diamond and gold, though often paired together in jewellery and seemingly similar investments, are valued in a completely different ways. Each diamond is a unique piece with its specific characteristics concerning carat, colour, clarity and cut. On the other hand, gold is a natural resource and homogeneous substance, so it’s valued less based on unique characteristics.

Let’s Look at some of the Fundamental Changes between Investing in Diamonds and Gold:

  • The value of gold is more volatile than diamonds when it comes to investing, as diamonds sustain and increase their value more reliably.
  • Diamonds are generally crisis-resistant and inflation-proof, which offers a more secure investment.
  • With a variety of cuts, colours, and sizes, each diamond is unique, offering a more exclusive and irreplaceable replacement.
  • Gold is traded on a public market, while diamonds are sold privately, creating more of a close-off market for resale.
  • Depending on the type of diamond you invest in, it can be more challenging to find the right buyer for resale. With the right expert to guide you, it’s easier to liquify your investment.

Oil – Gas Write For Us

Oil - Gas Write For Us

Oil and natural gas are important industries in the energy market and play an essential role in the global economy as the primary fuel source in the world. The processes and systems involved in the production and distribution of oil and gas are highly complex, capital intensive, and require advanced technology. Factually, natural gas has been linked to oil, primarily through the production process or the upstream side of the business. For much of the gas industry, the story of natural resources and even that has faded globally, he says. Natural gas has played a more significant role in the world’s energy supply due to the development of shale gas in the United Situations, as stated above, and its lower greenhouse gas production when flared compared to oil and coal.

This guide covers the oil and gas industry and is future to serve as a research aid to sources throughout the world, with particular emphasis on the United States. Covers a transitory history of the oil and gas industry, an impression of companies and organizations, statistical and pricing resources, and regulations. The industry is often divided into three sections:

  • upstream, oil and gas exploration and production activities;
  • intermediation, transport and storage; AND
  • downstream, which includes refining and marketing.

What is a Guest Posting Service, and How Does It Help? – Business Write For Us

Guest Posting Service

Guest posting, also known as guest blogging, means, as the name suggests, here you write and submit articles to other’s websites related to your field to increase your audience.

It also helps improve your website’s SEO by boosting the DA, PA, Organic Traffic and ranking on SERP through generated backlinks with your keywords.

On Write For Us Technology, you can create your backlinks and get live links through microblogging and image submission.

What Happens After We Accept Your Guest Post or Articles? – Business Write For Us

Accept Your Guest Post or Articles

We offer free Guest Posts Service with an instant submission process; You don’t need to wait a day or week for approval. We will update you within an hour.

Once we receive the Guest Post, it reviews. We may modify it if needed.

We republish the blog and share it on social media giving due credit to the author.

Topics We Cover – Businesss Write For Us

  • Management information system, Revenue shortfall, Shareholder Value, and Small business.
  • Investment, job creation program, Labour economics, and Limited liability.
  • Industry, Insurance, Intellectual property, Interim management, and international trade.
  • Cost overrun, E-commerce, Electronic business, Economics, and Economic democracy
  • Capitalism, Change management analyst, Commerce, and Corporate person-hood.
  • Business, Accounting, List of accounting topics, Advertising, and Banking.
  • Business valuation, Franchising, Government ownership, and Human resources.
  • Business school, Entrepreneurship, Business tourism, and Finance.
  • Business mathematics, Financial economics, Business mediator, and Entrepreneurship.
  • Business acumen, Business broker, Business ethics, and Business law topics.
  • Advertising, Display Advertising, Native Advertising, Online Advertising, and  Out-of-home advertising.
  • Service Activation, Brand licensing, Brand management, Co-creation, and Corporate identity.
  • Dominance Effectiveness, Ethics, Mystery shopping Promotion, and Research Segmentation Strategy.
  • Account-based marketing, Digital marketing, Product marketing, and Social marketing.
  • Influencer marketing, Attribution Annoyance factor, B2B Marketing, and B2C Marketing
  • Behavioral targeting, Brand ambassador, Drip marketing, and In-game advertising.
  • New media, Product demonstration, Promotional merchandise, and Visual merchandising.
  • Web banner, Word-of-mouth, Societal marketing, and Account-based marketing.
  • Affinity marketing, Smarketing, Visual marketing, Email marketing, and re-marketing.

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How do I format the Guest Post?

To format your post or guest post, do the following:

The introduction of the article should be the first part of the item.

Write your content simple and straightforward. Try to include some research sources in the article.

Use tags H1, H2, and H3 if necessary. Each paragraph should only consist of 3 to 4 lines.

Don’t forget to conclude at the end of the article.

We believe in delivering informative and friendly content to our visitors.

Article Guidelines – Marketing Writing For Us

Be Authentic

Authenticity is essential and one of the most crucial requirements on this list. The minimum number of words required is 1000 words. If you refer to other sources, you must appropriately credit them in the mail. Avoid being too general, as “many studies have shown …”. Readers need authentic evidence even if they don’t click the source link. Once the content is ready, ensure that it is 93% + original in Copyscape or other review tools.

Keep it Simple

Articles should be written in small and short paragraphs, a maximum of 4 to 5 lines per section. Use simple sentences. Minimize the tricky words and phrases so that the content easy to understand. Every sentence is not longer than 25 words. Avoid irrelevant sentences. Every sentence must represent value for the reader. If you see a correction, add the word count, delete it.

Make it Relevant

Before writing the content, please familiarize yourself with our buyers, their goals, and challenges. As you write the content, keep these goals and challenges to make the content relevant to our audience.

Content Image

Use one image that is relevant to the content and appropriately credit the source. You can use websites like Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash, where you can find high-quality royalty-free images. Using images in content is welcome as long as they are relevant. Also, add alternative text for the pictures. This is very important for SEO.

Link It

Provide appropriate links to resources that will help the reader get more information on the subject if needed. Just make sure the links are reasonable, work, and don’t lead to competing websites. You cannot do more than three outbound links. At most concise, one related inbound link to our other sources required.

What’s Next?

For more detailed information on our tone of voice, headings, and other information to make your job easier, see our voice document style.

Have fun writing!

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