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5 Reasons Why Your Business Building Needs Bathroom Stalls

5 Reasons Why Your Business Building Needs Bathroom Stalls

Business Building Needs Bathroom Stalls

Learn the five main reasons why your business building needs to have bathroom stalls in the modern work era.

No matter what type of business building you own, whether it’s an office block or large warehouse, you must include all the essentials that today’s workers expect. This way, you can keep satisfaction levels high and reduce the potential for complaints. When it comes to business building essentials, bathroom stalls should be at the top of your list. Specifically, the bathroom stalls you buy should be:

  • High-quality (e.g., powder-coated metal)
  • Durable
  • Private

Tick these key boxes, and you’ve done the job right.

Where to Buy Business Bathroom Stalls

You can buy bathroom stalls for your business online. Remember, bathroom stalls are available in different materials and colors, so make sure you choose the ones that are right for your business building. For example, if the walls and flooring in your current bathrooms are dark (e.g., grey), you should buy dark-colored bathroom stalls to go with them. This way, there won’t be any color clashes, and you can maintain a consistent aesthetic.

Why Your Business Building Needs Bathroom Stalls: A Closer Looker

Now, let’s look at the 5 main reasons why your business building needs bathroom stalls. After reading through these reasons, you’ll understand their importance and why the biggest businesses around the world have their buildings equipped with high-quality bathroom stalls for employees to use.

Greater Privacy

When employees and customers go to use the bathroom in a business building or office, they want to experience privacy. After all, it’s their right. However, if your current bathroom stalls are low-quality and not tall enough, then people aren’t going to get the privacy they deserve. As a result, they’ll feel extremely uncomfortable and upset with the fact that they have to use a bathroom that isn’t fit for purpose.

Therefore, inside every bathroom in your building, you need to have bathroom stalls that are capable of providing ultimate privacy to employees and customers. Remember, your bathroom stalls should reach close to the top of the ceiling so that people can’t look over them. Similarly, there should be no damage (such as holes in the stall walls) to ensure that people can’t see through.

Help Employees with Disabilities

Bathroom stalls are excellent for helping employees with disabilities or mobility issues. For example, if the building you own has several disabled employees working inside it, you can equip the bathroom stalls with the relevant features, such as grab bars, so that they can safely use the bathroom when they need to.

Better Building Hygiene

Bathroom stalls are essential for maintaining building hygiene. Without them, germs can be passed around more easily, making life more difficult for your building’s maintenance workers and housekeepers. Therefore, you can ensure proper hygiene throughout your building by simply having bathroom stalls in place.

Stay Compliant with Regulations

Next, secure bathroom stalls will allow you to stay compliant with current health and safety regulations. Remember, the law states that employees must be provided with adequate bathroom facilities. If not, this can lead to all kinds of problems — including complaints and lawsuits.

Avoid Complaints and Lawsuits

Lastly, your business building needs bathroom stalls so that you can avoid complaints and even lawsuits.

Let’s say that your building’s bathroom doesn’t have bathroom stalls and is completely rundown. In this case, you’d be asking for potential legal problems, as this would be violating employee rights.

Thankfully, you can avoid this from potentially happening by equipping all of your business bathrooms with high-quality bathroom stalls that are perfect for today’s employees.

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