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Business Advice Write for Us consulting can focus on helping people start their businesses or helping existing companies to grow (sales, employment, profits, expansion into new markets, etc.). Existing business programs are often targeted at small to medium-sized businesses. Business Advice Write for Us advisory programs use various approaches, including providing information, advice, guidance, training, and mentoring.

Our focus is on government-funded programs.

The rationale: How does management consulting generate growth?

Business AdviceBusiness advisory programs aim to increase start-up rates, improve business survival, and promote business productivity and job growth.

When information is difficult to access or of variable quality, companies can invest less in the services that could support their business.

Such market failure can occur when business owners:

  1. ignoring information and advice that would be valuable to them;
  2. it is not clear how to access these resources;
  3. concerned about the quality of the advice provided;
  4. facing financial or time constraints in accessing counseling that outweighs the perceived benefits; either
  5. concerned that confidential information might fall into the hands of competitors.

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