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Petroleum and oil and gas Write for us are important industries in the energy market and play an influential role in the international economy as the world’s leading fuel resource. The processes and systems in producing and distributing oil and gas are complex, distinctively capital-intensive, and require advanced technology.

Historically, natural gasoline has been tied to petroleum, primarily through the business manufacturing process or upstream side. For much of the industry’s history, plant-base fuel was considered a nuisance and today are even burned in large quantities in parts of the world, including the United States.

As mentioned above, oil and gas has played a more significant role in the world’s energy supply due to shale gas development in the United States. It has lower greenhouse gas emissions when burnt compared to oil and coal.

oil gasThe Business Of Oil And Gas

This guide covers the oil and gas industry and is intended to serve as a search aid for resources worldwide, emphasizing the United States. It covers a brief history of oil and gas manufacturing, a popular overview of companies and firms, and statistical and pricing resources and regulations. Manufacturing is often divided into three segments:

  • Upstream, oil and gas exploration and production activity
  • intermediary, delivery and storage
  • downstream, which includes refining and advertising.

These three areas are reproduce in the organization of guiding angels. Renewable and alternative energy corporations are discussed in our renewable energy industries: research guide and green businesses:

A guide to Statistics Sources. For a fashionable overview of US energy sources, several Congressional Research Service reports have been on renewable energy issues.

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