Transition computer, when referring to the video and the slide, the transition is an effect that happens between each photo, fall, and video clip.

For example, the fade transition can fade in or out of each picture in a slide show.

Why are Varying the Transitions in Microsoft PowerPoint?

  • The transitions it adjusted in Microsoft PowerPoint by clicking the Transitions tab.
  • Once in the transitions section, we see each of the available transitions.
  • And it clicks the down arrows to scroll through and view all available Transitions.
  • And clicking any of the transitions gives us an overview of the growth.
  • Also, connecting effect options allows us to change the direction and other options of the effect.
  • Also, sounds allow us to take the sound on each transition.
  • And duration allows us to increase and decrease the course and time of the effect.

What are the different Types of Transitions?

  • There are several types of transitions that use in most programs. The alphabetical listing of different kinds of changes and the type of animation or effect give we show.
  • And also, keep in mind that not all the below transitions It available in every program that supports changes.

1. Blinds

  • Horizontally and vertically, flip over bars like slats in blinds to reveal the next scene.

2. Box

  • Show the current scene’s overview and rotate as if it were inside the box to show the next scene.

3. Checkerboard

  • Flip over checkerboard tiles to reveal the next scene.

4. Clock

  • Reveal the next scene in a clockwise or counter clockwise reveal.

5. Conveyor

  • Move the current scene off-screen while bringing in the next stage, like the conveyor belt.

6. Cover

  • Reveal the overview and then flip the next scene on top of the previous.

7. Cube

  • Display video as the surface on a cube, and rotate the cube to reveal another scene.

8. Cut

  • Quick cut to the next scene.

9. Dissolve

  • It dissolves the previous scene to reveal the next location.

10. Doors

  • Split the current scene and open if it were the door to reveal the next location.

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