A quality signage buyer guide is one of the essential business tools you can buy. Signage is the least expensive.

But the most effective form of advertising. Studies show that signage can be responsible for up to 50% of our customers.

And purchasing the correct sign for our business can be confusing, especially if we take never purchased the character before.

1. Choosing the Right Sign Professional

  • The key that brings all the elements together in buying a signage buyer guide is to select the right sign company.
  • If branding consistency is essential to us, it is best to choose one sign company that can meet our signage needs.
  • Also, browse the prospective company’s website to see examples of the work. It may also help the design process if you find a sign that you love.
  • Please find out how long they take to remain in business and what the specialties are. Finally, talk to the salesperson and explain what we are looking for.
  • It conversation must be part technical discussion, part artistic brainstorming session, and part job interview. Our prospective sign professional should bring up many, if not all, aspects of our project.
  • We must also feel comfortable offering feedback on the designs and construction methods suggested by the salesperson and designer.

2. Budget

  • The first decision we take to make is how much we prepare to spend on our sign. How long will it need to last?
  • Buying an inexpensive sign is easier on our bank account in the short term, but it needs to replace sooner than the more expensive character.
  • And paying a little more for the sign with a longer projected life span may be a better long-term solution.
  • Taking the firm budget in mind from the beginning will allow our prospective sign professional to suggest the proper type of character. It’s speeding up the design/purchase process.

3. Exterior Sign Size & Placement

  • How big does our new sign need to be? If this is the exterior sign, call our local municipality to determine how large the character we are allowed to take.
  • Our local zoning officer can also tell us about any other signage restrictions, height & setback requirements and explain the permitting process.
  • Once we take determined the maximum size allowed by law, take a look at the property on which the sign will erect. How many lanes of traffic are there?
  • What’s the speed limit? Our prospective sign professional should tell us how tall the letters on our new sign need to base on this information.

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