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Mysterious Animals That Have Puzzled Scientists

Mysterious Animals That Have Puzzled Scientists

Many people believe that humanity has long studied the planet and the animals on it. However, to this day, a person does not even know 20% of the ocean. And more and more animals fall into the hands of scientists. In this article, you will learn about the strangest animals that scientists had to face.

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An Alien in Egypt

Recently, a German tourist Lukas Ostertag dived into the waters of Egypt and discovered a strange creature. The sea creature had no eyes, ears, or even a mouth, but it was moving. A man posted a picture of a mysterious creature on the Internet and users made some interesting assumptions. Some daredevils thought that the tourist had met aliens, and other people announced that it was an unknown plant to science.

The most plausible version says that Lukas Ostertag found a torn tentacle of one of the local jellyfish. Most likely, the jellyfish was eaten by a turtle or other predator, and the tentacle just fell out during the meal. We know of several other cases when people found unusual animals and could not recognize their species. All this will be discussed now.

A New and Rare Breed of Cats

In 2019, on the French island of Corsica, people met an animal that looked like both a cat and a fox at the same time. The locals gave the unusual creature the name “gyattuvolpe”, which can be translated as “cat fox”. However, it later turned out that this is far from a cross between a cat and a fox.

People asked for help from the staff of the National Bureau of Hunting and Wildlife of France (SNCF) and they announced that this is a very rare and little-studied species of cat. For the first time, this creature was caught in 2008 in a trap set inside the chicken coop. It turned out that feline foxes have been living on the island of Corsica for 6.5 thousand years, they just rarely appear on the territory of people.

Unprecedented “Sponges” in Antarctica

In February 2021, researchers from the British Antarctic Survey were very surprised that someone lives under the Antarctic ice. They loaded scientific equipment to a depth of 900 meters, where the water temperature rarely exceeds -2.2 degrees Celsius.

While drilling well 260 kilometers from the open ocean, scientists came across a boulder that was plastered with creatures similar to sea sponges. The scientists were confused because they had no idea what kind of creatures they were facing. According to the head of scientific work Huw Griffiths, they do not know how these animals got to such depth and what they eat.

Giant Snake in Indonesia

In 2020, the carcass of an unknown animal was found on the territory of the Indonesian province of Maluku. It’s hard to believe, but the body length of the mysterious creature was about 10 meters. The villagers, on the coast on which a huge monster was spotted, thought that this was the body of a giant snake. Fortunately, the unidentified animal turned out to be dead and could not harm anyone.

At first, people noticed only the head that remained afloat, because the long tail remained underwater. Some of the animal’s bones were broken. It is difficult to say who exactly was discovered by people because creatures washed ashore are often subject to severe decomposition. It is possible that this is not a snake, but a huge shark or another aquatic inhabitant.

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