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Different Companies Help You Run A Successful Online Business

Different Companies Help You Run A Successful Online Business

Recently, people have been quitting their day job to do online business, which is also called remote work. A remote work business is a business without a physical office or headquarters. Employers can efficiently work from home, in coffee shops, coworking spaces, and sometimes anywhere worldwide, as long as they have a laptop and an internet connection.

A study by GWAF showed that the remote workforce has grown by 150% since 2005, and there is a probability that remote workers will make up as much as 60% of the entire workforce in 2022. This even extends to online casino real money games.

Also, we found out that remote work gives women, especially female entrepreneurs, an edge and helps close the wage gap. However, making money online is exciting because you can choose to live wherever you want.

It gives people another advantage to earn US dollars as a digital nomad and live in countries that are way cheaper than at home. If you are new to online business and want to make money, different companies can help you run a successful online business, below are five companies we will recommend for you.


Google is one of the best companies to help you run a successful online business. It is an American multinational technology company with many features: search engines, technology, cloud computing, online advertising, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, computer software, and consumer electronics.

Due to its market dominance and data collection, Google has been the world’s most valuable brand. As a business owner, all you need to do is to create a link that will appear on google whenever people search for a product or whatever you are selling; then, they will be able to reach and patronize.


Another reliable company that will help you run your online business is Hubspot. Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah founded this company in 2006 as an American marketer and developer of software products for sales, inbound marketing, and customer satisfaction.

Hubspot has features for CRM, social media marketing, lead generation, live chat, content management, search engine optimization, web analytics, and support for customers.

However, to use Hubspot, you must create a landing page, which lets you build landing pages from various starter templates and customize them using the intuitive drag-and-drop tools available. Hubspot is the best tool that your business needs to target the right audience, attract more website visitors, and retain more customers.


StoreHippo is another company that supports every business owner in selling their products and services in online marketing. StoreHippo is easy to use and set up before starting your online business. It also hosts and manages sites, proving its simplicity in offering a hassle-free e-commerce solution.

StoreHippo also offers a broader set of marketing tools to help your online business move smoothly regarding brand marketing and communication strategy. You can easily create dynamic marketing pages and forms and use various marketing tools to plan different marketing strategies that boost your conversion.

ET Media labs

ET Media labs is a company founded in 2013, and its headquarters is in New Delhi, Delhi. They have over 50 to 200 employees, and their specialties are Online Media Buying, Conversion Optimization, and Innovative Campaigns.

They are one of the most world-trusted marketing agencies with a deep data-driven approach built into the very DNA of all the solutions it provides. This company employed the smartest people with a high level of curiosity and expertise in data, media, creativity, search, and strategy to help clients achieve their objectives and drive their businesses forward.

ET Media labs are one of the few companies in India that can work on both Facebook and Google APIs, and it gives them the advantage whenever they want to manage large-scale performance marketing projects.,

Viral Pitch

If you have a business and want it to be successful online, then Viral Pitch is one of the best companies to help you. Viral Ptch is an influencer marketing, research, and analysis platform that represents all the influencer-related information for brand references.

Their main goal is to connect influencers with brands by helping businesses reach out to the best-suited influencers to create the maximum impact and reach. Viral Pitch provides services under one roof ranging from concept ideation, content production, and pre/post-campaign analysis to influencer metrics, the brand campaign dashboard, and so on.

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