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What Does the Copy Editor Do? – Duties, Skills, and More

copy editor

Copy editor the grammatical gatekeepers of the media world. They read over stories—as the content is called in industry terms.

And “copy”—and check for everything from typos to nonsensical sentences to errant commas. Copy editors have historically worked at newspapers, book publishers, and magazines.

Also, of course, there are even many jobs outside of the media world for copy editors.

And any company that produces content for use in publications such as websites, annual corporate reports.

Also, clothing manufacturer catalogs might need a copy editor to vet stories and other content to ensure grammatical correctness.

And copy editors can work in a wide array of industries in the private and public sectors.

Like some fact-checking positions, many copy editing positions are part-time because of many companies, especially magazine publishers.

They only need copy editing complete when they’re finishing (or, in media terms, “closing”) an issue.

What are Copy Editor Duties and Responsibilities?

What are the Copy Editor Skills and Competencies?

1. Creativity

2. Good Judgment

3. Detail-orientation

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