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What Does the Copy Editor Do? – Duties, Skills, and More

What Does the Copy Editor Do? – Duties, Skills, and More

Copy editor the grammatical gatekeepers of the media world. They read over stories—as the content is called in industry terms.

And “copy”—and check for everything from typos to nonsensical sentences to errant commas. Copy editors have historically worked at newspapers, book publishers, and magazines.

Also, of course, there are even many jobs outside of the media world for copy editors.

And any company that produces content for use in publications such as websites, annual corporate reports.

Also, clothing manufacturer catalogs might need a copy editor to vet stories and other content to ensure grammatical correctness.

And copy editors can work in a wide array of industries in the private and public sectors.

Like some fact-checking positions, many copy editing positions are part-time because of many companies, especially magazine publishers.

They only need copy editing complete when they’re finishing (or, in media terms, “closing”) an issue.

What are Copy Editor Duties and Responsibilities?

  • The job requires candidates able to perform duties that include the following:
  • It proofread text and correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors
  • And verify factual correctness of the information, such as dates and statistics
  • Also, check text for style, readability, and adherence to editorial calendar template policies
  • Also, arrange page layouts of photos, articles, and advertisement
  • And rewrite text improves clarity and readability
  • Although there are basic grammar rules that remain fixed, the copy editor and journalists, and writers need to know AP Style.
  • And the usage guide provided by the associated press—the country’s most significant newswire service.
  • And most newspapers (and many magazines) have adopted the AP style. Since this the “style” guide, it’s not providing overarching rules of grammar.
  • But instead, specific rules take to do with everything from the serial comma to when we write the number out in letters instead of listing it in numeric form.

What are the Copy Editor Skills and Competencies?

  • It’s not enough to take a sharp eye, writing experience, and good grammar Best knowledge management system . The following skills will help you excel as the copy editor:

1. Creativity

  • Copy editors must be curious, creative, and knowledgeable about a wide variety of topics.

2. Good Judgment

  • For non-fiction pieces, copy editors must determine whether enough evidence exists to report on the story and take a firm grasp of individual stories’ ethics.

3. Detail-orientation

  • The job’s main task is to make written work error-free and ensure that it matches the publication’s required style.

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