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How to error fix windows a arrêté ce périphérique car il présente des problèmes. (code 43)
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How to error fix windows a arrêté ce périphérique car il présente des problèmes. (code 43)

“Hello, I had a problem with my USB key a few days ago. When I inserted it into my Windows 10 computer, I got a message: windows a arrêté ce périphérique car il présente des problèmes. (code 43) this message suggests that it becomes a code forty-three problem. I don’t know the way to remedy it. You can help?”

One of the errors you may face on your Windows computer is a flash drive not recognized issue on your system. This is a common problem among Windows users, which occurs when your computer cannot identify the USB device that you have connected to one of its ports.

If this has happened to you, you know that it prevents you from accessing your USB device on your computer. The following guide uses different methods to fix the unrecognized USB device (code forty-three) issue on your Windows 10 system.

What does error code 43 mean?

The Code forty-three errors are among numerous Device Manager mistakes. This blunder occurs when Device Manager shuts down the hardware and reports the unidentified hassle.

The following message looks on the screen: ” Windows has motionless this device because it has problems. (code 43)”. This blunders code can appear on all the latest Microsoft Windows running systems, from Windows 10 to Windows XP.

Determine if there is an error related to code 43

  • To fix error code 43 on Windows 10, press Windows + R and type devmgmt. msc in the dialog box, then click OK.
  • The Device Manager dialog opens. If your tool has a problem, there might be a yellow exclamation point next to it; now you want to check the trouble.
  • Peripheral Supervisor
  • Expand the folder for the device that is having problems. Here we will solve the problems of the equipment—Double-click on your chosen tool to open your houses.
  • You will see the code 43 message if the device is malfunctioning.

What to do when Code 43 appears?

1: Restart your computer

To fix ” windows a arrêté ce périphérique car il présente des problèmes. (code 43)”, Restart your computer and reinstall the device. This also applies to your USB tool, and you want to reboot your computer using the same reboot method above in this technique.

Then disconnect your USB device from your laptop and reconnect it. Then restart your PC, and you will notice that the USB key has been identified through your system.

2: Reconnect the problematic device

Here is some other cause of this problem that is often not mentioned. The port you want to apply to your device may not work or be damaged. In this situation, your device will now fail to locate your device, and the USB unrecognized error message may be displayed on the screen.

Therefore, try to use other available USB ports on your computer. If the port is the problem, changing it will fix the problem.

3: Update Driver

  1. Press Windows + R, and type devmgmt. msc in the dialog box, then click OK.
  2. The Device Manager dialog opens.
  3. Right-click on the device that is having issues and select Update Operating Program.
  4. Click Search automatically for updated driver software.
  5. After finishing the Search, if there are updated drivers, it will download and install them, and the code 43 error will be solved.

4: Use “Run Troubleshooter.”

  1. Press the Win + I keys, click the Windows Start button, and click Settings.
  2. Click Update & Security.
  3. Select the troubleshooter on the left, click Hardware and Peripherals, then click Run the troubleshooter.

5: Power Management

  1. Press the right mouse button on the Windows key and select Device Manager.
  2. Next, expand the Keyboards device.
  3. Next, right-click on the keyboard driver and click Properties.
  4. As with the previous steps, go to the Power Management tab.
  5. Allow this device to wake the computer.

Windows has stopped this trick because it has problems (Code 43) with my graphics card

1) Update graphics card driver from NVIDIA.FR website;

2) Make sure your system is up to date, i.e., please check that you have the latest version of SBIOS and all Windows updates installed;

3) Make sure your system power supply meets the minimum power required by the graphics card;

4) If your graphics card needs extra power, make sure the PCIe additional power connector is plugged into the card;

5) Replace the graphics card as it may be faulty.

Recovering Data from USB Drive with Code 43 Error in Windows 3

In case USB error code 43 can cause Windows OS not to detect or recognize the USB drive, making USB data inaccessible. Learning how to recover data from unrecognized external drive on Windows is necessary.

To recover lost, deleted, inaccessible, unreadable, formatted, and virus-infected data from external USB flash drives or other conventional storage devices, hard drive data recovery software – EaseUS Data Recovery Expert is the most popular choice. Download the powerful software now and recover data from the USB code 43 error in Windows 10 in minutes.

1 . Choose your USB key

Plug your USB drive into an accessible USB port on your computer. Make sure Windows recognizes the storage device and assigns it a drive letter.

Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard; under ” External Drivers, “select the USB flash drive, then click ” Scan

2 . Scan data on a USB flash drive

The software now works hard to scan the entire USB flash drive and find all deleted files. Soon, the deleted files will be found and displayed in the ” Deleted Files ” results.

3 . Recover deleted files

Locate the files you want to recover in the scan results, select the ones you want, and click ” Recover. ”

Sometimes old files deleted long ago would have lost file names and paths. It is necessary to take the time to check the results of RAW files in the ” Other lost folders ” part.


We are sure that you were able to fix your code 43 issue on windows a arrêté ce périphérique car il présente des problèmes. (code 43)10 using our top solutions in the guide above. And in case you lost some of your data after applying a fix, Tenorshare 4DDiG is your best solution to recover them.

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