What is the Offer Letter? – Definition, Included, and More

Offer Letter Definition

Offer letter after extending an initial verbal offer to our top candidate, it’s time to send the offer letter.

Typically sent before contingencies like a background check, but before signing the official employment contract, the offer letter:

Offers the position typically to a job applicant

And summarizes the main terms and conditions of the offer

It provides details about the role and company to help a candidate decide whether and not to accept the offer

And also serves as the start point for employment negotiations

If the candidate accepts our offer, they sign the letter and return it to us. However, it’s essential to understand that the offer letter is not always a legally binding employment agreement.

It’s typically a separate document that provides detailed legal protection for both parties.

Even still, it’s a good idea to have a professional legal review of our offer letter before sending it to a potential employee.

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What is Included in the Offer Letter?

  • It provides a transitory overview of the position and company and includes specific job details, like start date, salary, work schedule, and benefits.
  • Subsequently, there is no standard format for the job offer letter, and we can reorder the elements described below to fit our company and the roles you’re hiring for.

1. Company Logo

  • Use our company’s official letterhead with our company logo’s high-resolution image to convey professionalism and authenticity.
  • Also, it’s an excellent way to encourage the potential employee to keep reading and seriously consider our offers.

2. Date and the Contact Information

  • The upper left-hand corner includes the date, the candidate’s first and last name, and the speech.
  • The candidate the First and Last Name
  • And Candidate Address
  • And City, State, Zip

3. Greeting and Opening Line

  • Start our offer letter with “Dear,” followed by the candidate’s first and last name. And also congratulate them and express enthusiasm about offering them the job with the positive, upbeat opening line, like:
  • “We are excited to offer our the position at [Company Name]!”
  • We can make our opening line as formal and casual as we like, depending on our company culture.

4. Job Details

  • Firstly, begin our letter with specifics about the position, as well as work logistics. It might include the post’s formal title, anticipated start date, employment classification full- and part-time, office location, manager/supervisor.
  • Secondly, and the transitory description of the role and its responsibilities.
  • Lastly, it gives the candidate the idea of what to expect and helps clarify any details that may take remain misunderstood and overlooked during the interview process.

5. The Contingencies

  • If the job offer contingent upon the candidate completing certain documents and performing specific tasks, mention this in the offer letter.
  • These contingencies might include the background check, drug test, I-9 form, signed a confidentiality agreement, and reference checks.

6. The Compensation

  • Clearly explain the compensation package our offering. It includes specific details about how much the candidate is making on an annual and hourly basis, how often they get paid, and available payment methods.
  • We can also touch on equity, bonuses, commission structures, etc. — if applicable to the role.

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